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Business goals, user journeys, and IT KPIs.


Do you know your entire API sprawl? Free Discovery in less than an hour

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BLST platform provides discovery and observability, API security posture management, and ongoing monitoring


Rise above the noise

We are a business logic security testing (BLST) company focusing on API security. That means we not only detect vulnerabilities but also define and sort them by their business and operational impact.
You can’t fight what you can’t see

You can’t fight what you can’t see

We can provide immediate observability in less than an hour! (Touchless!!) We can also execute a POV in a quarter of the time that is considered the industry standard.
BLST Security cherrybomb v1

The Cherrybomb advantage

We developed an open-source project running on hundreds of APIs called Cherrybomb – providing real value to the community for free and giving us a unique and broad understanding of the ecosystem with which to train our system.

BLST Security cherrybomb v1
All-in-one platform
Find business logic anomalies and discover breach risk before they happen.

Discovery and visibility

Using your read-only logs, we will centralize your API sprawl and present it in a unified screen

API posture management

We check the OWASP top ten API and other proprietary testing tools. Based on the vulnerabilities vector, we can provide a clear impact map of your organization and remediation docs


Detect attacks on your supply chain, get notifications (new endpoint, new shadow points, etc.), and prevent account takeovers in runtime

Advanced AI

Context-aware sensitive information detection and parameter impact for posture management

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