Business LogicSecurity Testing

BLST finds broken logic in your API and maps it, with an easy-to-use & integrative platform.

Animation of an example use of our CLI

API Endpoint Mapper

As developers, we designed an endpoint mapper with a developer-friendly interface that includes a graphical overview of your API from which you can quickly generate insights.Our online mapper shows you how your API works.

Params table

Create a visual API from your complex JSON specification files, to the point where it is an indexable, searchable, and accessible table that can be filtered and studied.Developers who use our platform will find a much easier way to document their APIs.

An image that shows how BLST's params-table work

OAS Misconfiguration Checks

Use the detailed information below to find all the code bits or parameters in your API that aren't working properly. This way, you can avoid unwanted behavior and costly fixes later by shifting left at an earlier stage of development.