Business Logic Security Testing

Broad Visibility, Advanced Posture Management, Monitoring You Can Trust {

  • Cloud cost reduction (by eliminating unnecessary APIs)
  • Upgrades your existing system – information collected and insights fed into your program
  • No need for sharing or transferring sensitive information
  • Full picture discovery – broader-than-market standard
  • Tailored to your API using advanced AI to find unique vectors and attacks
  • Super-fast integration (minutes)


Discovery and Observability

  • Identify cost optimization opportunities
  • Identify the types of data that can be accessed through your API
  • Find undocumented APIs, shadow APIs, and other APIs they don’t know of

Get a full picture of your API endpoints, and provides alerts for endpoints that are not properly managed or covered by the WAF. With this feature, you can ensure that your endpoints are secured and protected against potential threats. Additionally, our system automatically extracts logs from your organization’s sources, allowing you to better understand your system’s log contexts and API structure. From the level of API services operating in your cloud to individual endpoints, BLST provides a comprehensive solution for mapping and managing your APIs.

API Security Posture Management

  • protect against potential data breaches
  • Prevent user data exposure
  • Prevent system data leakage

At BLST, we take API security posture assessment to the next level by providing a comprehensive solution that goes beyond traditional vulnerability scanning. Our unique approach focuses on understanding the specific vectors of vulnerabilities and the impact they have on your organization’s security. By analyzing the attack surface and identifying deadly attack vectors, we are able to provide a comprehensive view of your API security posture. Our assessments not only detect security vulnerabilities but also provide actionable recommendations to mitigate those risks. We identify potential security vulnerabilities and deadly attack vectors that can lead to data exfiltration and prevent authorization and access-control-based vulnerabilities, ensuring that your organization’s sensitive information remains secure.


  • Find drift in your APIs and your API related cloud IT
  • Get notified on every new endpoint, new shadow endpoint, new data types, and more
  • Get an updated remediation plan

Discover once, monitor always – our proactive and automated API monitoring solution is designed to ensure that your APIs are functioning correctly and are fully protected. Once we have a comprehensive understanding of all the APIs within your organization, we utilize our monitoring system to verify that everything is operating as it should be. Our system is designed to alert you in the event that a new endpoint is added or if your organization’s security measures do not fully protect an existing endpoint.

Advanced AI

  • Context-aware sensitive information detection
  • Parameter impact for posture management
  • Access control modeling

Understand the impact of every single endpoint to your organization and determine which are admin ones/ones that require elevated roles and which are instrumental to your revenue-generating funnel.

Advanced AI