A cool API Security ball
Another Graphics ball
App Sec
See everything in your API {
Detect anomalies and misconfigurations at an early stage with <unparalleled> observability.
// Seemlessly embed API security tests into your CI/CD pipeline
Analyse Health API from
the ground up {
Start mapping your entire system
from the single API, analysing health
levels, endpoint 404, PCI and Status
Understand the <infratructure
/> of your API {
Simulate how your API interacts with
our graphic mapper and get new insights on
how everything is connected.
Achieve visability & observability of your
Every API is a
<small universe /> {
Find business logic anomalies in
large systems and discover breaches
before they even happen.

All on one platform

Find business logic anomalies and discover breach risk before they happen.

Unparalleled API Observability

Minimize risks ensuring a secure journey to business objectives. Teams will have a view of a multi-layer map of an entire API mesh and control API Sprawl, identifying shadow API endpoints

Achieve API Security

We follow the OWASP API Top 10 guidelines and enrich them with unique business logic values.

Adding a fortification layer for data exfiltration and manipulations.

A True Frictionless Integration

Manage teams’ time effectively, avoiding unnecessary friction.

Once integrated, it resides in the background, freeing up development time.

Tailored Business Logic Analysis​

Maintain a safe continuous workflow  by stopping supply chain attacks, ATO, and user behavior anomalies. Uncover the uniqueness of a business logic attack vectors.

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